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Tracking stocks using StockEdge

How to track what is going on in your Stocks?

How many times in your daily life have you come across stock ideas given by a friend or an expert? How many times have you decided to choose different stocks Read More

StockEdge favourite strategy list

Regularly Generate Fresh Stock ideas from your Favourite Strategies

When we select a stock to trade, a lot of analysis is needed before that. We have to do the fundamental and technical analysis. We need to apply many scans Read More

Tracking stock perspective using StockEdge

Get 360 degree perspective on any stock in less than 5 minutes.

Before putting our money in any stock, we have to research a company thoroughly. We need to research about how the company has performed in the last few years and Read More

StockEdge Daily Update

Stay updated about the markets in just 15 minutes a day.

Are you a full-time or a part-time stock market trader or investor? Are you interested in knowing about the important happenings in the market or in a particular stock or Read More

Overview of StockEdge

Overview of StockEdge

In this new competitive digital world, it is next to impossible to get an edge over our competitors. Surviving in such competition, finding that one key success factor that differentiates Read More