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Are you making profits from StockEdge by using the Scans?

In today’s fast moving and Tech savvy world “Time is money”. To pick right stock from 5000+ listed shares at the right time requires a lot of time and skills. There are 1000’s of technical and fundamental parameters which Analysts/traders follow to identify their trade. Well, it is practically impossible to use all of them. But StockEdge has made it a reality. We provide all the important parameters in the form of SCANS for you to identify the right stock with the click of a button.

What are Scans

Scan help you to scan multiple opportunities in Indian Stock market. It a game changer for users in Indian equity markets. We have created over 200+ predefined scans which are updated Daily End of Day to help you in preparing for your next trading day.

Identify potential trading ideas

Using this Scan section you can identify potential trading ideas, with a single click that too free of cost

  • Price Scans
  • Volume and Delivery Scans
  • Technicals Scans
  • Fundamental Scans
  • Futures Scans & Options Scans
  • Candlesticks Scan

Technicals and fundamental scans

Technical scans tell when to buy while fundamental scans tell what to buy, we have added more than 200 scans to ease your decision and save time.


Integrated with stocks

To know if a particular stock should be bought tomorrow, click on the stocks for eg, Eicher Motors Scans section will give you a summary of all the technical and fundamental scans the stock has qualified and gives you an idea if you should enter the stock or not.

Integrated into My Watchlist

You can create your own watchlist from My StockEdge section, and clicking on Scans in that particular watchlist will give you a summary of all the stocks in the watchlist with the respective scans. You can also create Combination scans using 10 Scans and you will get a list of stocks that qualify the set criteria by simply clicking on the Combination Scan. For eg here, we created Watchlist of stocks in which FII has increased the shareholding and then clicking on scans gives a summary of the technical and fundamental performance of the stock.

Combination Scans

If you are a premium user, you can also create your own Combination Scans using 10 Scans and you will get a list of stocks that qualify the set criteria by simply clicking on the Combination Scan. You can also access Ready Combination Scans which has intraday and swing strategies. These are pre-designed from a combination of multiple scans by our research team so that you can focus on identifying quick opportunities by simply clicking on them. To know more Click here



So StockEdge is the only app where you get filtered information, which helps in making your Analysis faster, better and easier. So what are you waiting for start using scans today and Become a profitable and smart trader cum investor.

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3 responses to “Are you making profits from StockEdge by using the Scans?”

  1. Feroz khan says:

    With great experience and expectations ….

  2. Narendra says:

    Nice app
    Yes make money by using stock edge app.

  3. Pawan S Narang says:

    Super app, have being using this since couple of years
    Has recently taken premium membership, will tap into the real scan power of this app. Will get back once I unleash this power. 👍👍

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