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Working Capital Cycle

Working Capital cycle is an important ratio which tells us how many times in a year is a company able to churn its inventory to make goods and generate cash Read More


Difference between Gross NPA and Net NPA.

Since the last two years if any issue is plaguing the entire banking sector that is the NPA (Non-performing Asset) issue. Almost all Indian banks whether PSU or private or Read More

Book Value per share

Book Value Per Share

Book value is the value of the company’s assets which can be received by the shareholders in the event of company liquidating itself or going bankrupt. Thus its the value Read More

EBIT Stockedge

EBIT Margin (%)

Ebit margin is an important efficiency ratio. It is an important parameter of fundamental analysis for any company. Efficiency ratios are used to analyze how well the company is managing Read More

EBIDTA Margin Stockedge

EBITDA Margin (%)

While investing in the company, one should look at the efficiency ratios. It is an important parameter under fundamental analysis which helps to analyse numerical values present in company’s financial Read More

PAT Margin Stockedge

PAT Margin (%)

Every Investment in a company is decided by looking at its sales and pat growth figures under every good or bad macro situation. It is an important parameter of fundamental Read More

Asset turnover ratio

Financial ratios are important parameters which helps investors to decide on their investment. Any ratios are important in their own manner for different kind of Financial analysis. A financial ratio Read More

Days of Inventory

Inventory is a very important parameter which decides the efficiency of a company to work under adverse or favorable conditions. Inventory is a financial ratio found in a company’s financial Read More

Days of Receivables

An often used parameter when it comes to studying the fundamentals of a company is financial ratios. A financial ratio is a representation of selected numerical values taken from a Read More

Earnings per Share

Earning per share is a very important parameter in a valuation ratio. It is an important parameter of fundamental analysis. Valuation ratios are used to determine the right price or Read More