JioMart Enters Quick Commerce Race

Target Launch: June 2024 (reports suggest it could be as early as next month) Delivery Promise: 30-minute deliveries within select cities (initially 7-8 cities) with a plan to eventually expand to over 1,000 cities.

JioMart will be competing with established players like Blinkit, Zepto, Swiggy Instamart, and BigBasket who currently offer delivery windows as low as 10-15 minutes.


Unlike some competitors who rely on dark stores (warehouses solely for online orders), JioMart plans to leverage its existing network of over 18,000 Reliance Retail stores and fulfillment centers to fulfill orders quickly.


JioMart's entry could intensify competition in the quick commerce space, potentially leading to price wars and even faster delivery times.

Potential Impact

Overall, JioMart's entry into the quick commerce market is a significant development that could reshape the landscape of online grocery delivery in India.