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Cash Flow Scan

Why is it important invest in Companies with positive Cash Flow (3 min read)

Don’t we all not want to invest in companies which generate a good amount of cash from its business operations and thus can give us good dividends or good returns Read More

Efficiency Scan

Learn how to analyse Efficiency Ratio’s (6 min read)

What is efficiency? No, I am not talking about mine or your efficiency. I am talking about the efficiency of a company. An efficient company gives better returns. Now I Read More

Solvency scan Stockedge

How to Identify Dividend Paying Companies? (4 min read)

Who would not want something extra from their investment; like earning some extra money that too tax-free from their investments? I bet everyone would want it! Right? Let’s understand Dividends Read More

Valuation scan

What does PE ratio and Book Value tell about a company? (4.5 min read)

    Valuation is a metric to ascertain the right price to enter into a stock. It determines when and why to invest in a stock. It estimates the worth Read More

Stockedge Solvency scan

Understand Solvency Ratio? (3 min read)

  Solvency is an important tool to measure a company’s financial stability and strength. Investors investing decision is based on this being a major criterion. Solvency means the total assets Read More

Turnover Scans Stockedge

Significance of Increasing Sales (2 min read)

  Turnover of a Company means the Revenue earned by a company after manufacturing and sales of goods in a monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly basis. In accounting terms Read More

Shareholding Scan Stockedge

Impact of change in Shareholding Pattern (5 min read)

People who buy shares of a company from the Primary market (IPO) or the Secondary market (Stock Market) are known as the shareholders of the company. Thus in the Shareholding Read More

What’s new Version 3.5

Good news! We are happy to announce that StockEdge has released version 3.5. In this version, StockEdge has brought many new features for the free users as well as for Read More

Bollinger Band using Stockedge App

Bollinger Bands

In 1980s, John Bollinger, a well known technician in the market developed a technical indicator named Bollinger Bands. This indicator was developed by using moving average with two trading bands Read More

How to use stochastic using Stockedge

Learn how to use Stochastic indicator using Stockedge

Stochastic is one of the technical leading indicators developed by George Lane. According to him, stochastic does not follow any price or volume but it follows the speed or momentum Read More