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debt to equity ratio

Is investing in a company with high Debt to Equity Ratio dangerous?

Every investor’s investment decision majorly looks for companies which have low debt in their books, as such companies normally stand out in adverse macro scenarios.  This ratio indicates how much Read More

interest coverage ratio

What is Interest Coverage Ratio

Solvency ratio is one of the ratios which are used to measure the company’s ability to meet its loan or debt obligations. This ratio indicates how well the company has Read More

current ratio

Why should you use Current Ratio?

Solvency ratio is used to analyze the company’s financial position. It measures the potential of the company regarding its ability to service its debts. It indicates to what extent the Read More

Stockedge Solvency scan

Understand Solvency Ratio? (3 min read)

  Solvency is an important tool to measure a company’s financial stability and strength. Investors investing decision is based on this being a major criterion. Solvency means the total assets Read More