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Net Interest Margin (NIM)

NIIM a financial ratio is calculated by using selected numerical values from a Bank’s or NBFC’s financial statements. This ratio helps in understanding the quality and quantity of lending by Read More

Yield on Advances

Yield on Advances (YoA) for banks

Banks are differently analysed using different kind of ratios to determine the strength in their lending and borrowing books. Thus Yield on advances is one such ratio which is calculated Read More


Significance of Return on Assets (ROA)

Financial ratios help in deciding the financial strength of the company. Thus return on assets (RoA) is another type of a financial ratio which is taken into account by an Read More


Impact of Return on Capital Employed (ROCE)

Anyone wishing to invest into Equity markets would always like to know what kinds of returns its investments can generate in medium to long term. Thus for understanding, this one Read More


What is Return on Equity (ROE)

Return on Equity or RoE is another kind of financial ratio which unearths the efficiency with which the management is utilising Shareholders funds. It denotes what percentage of return is Read More