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rise crude

Rising Crude and its impact

India is one of the world’s 3rd largest importers of Crude Oil. Nearly 80% of its oil requirements are met through imports. Nearly 60% of its imports constitutes of Crude Read More

Rise rupee

Effect of Strengthening Rupee

The currency headwind is of utmost importance for a growing economy like India as it heavily depends on imports for its major requirement the Crude Oil. Huge export – import bill Read More


Profitability Ratios

Profitability ratio is used by the investor to measure and evaluate a company’s ability to generate income relative to its associated expenses during a particular period. The profitability ratios are Read More

differences between values

Understand the difference b/w Face Value, Book Value and Market Value

We often come across terms like Face Value, Book Value and Market Value in finance. Many really get confused while others consider all the three terms to be same. So Read More

Interest Expended to total funds

Interest Expended to Total Funds (%)

We all love to keep our savings in Fixed Deposits and earn good interest on it !!! Right. But have you ever wondered if the banks only pay us interest Read More


CASA Ratio (%)

All of us have heard about savings account and current account but none of us knows what it actually is. Well, a savings account is opened by an individual and Read More

Interest Income to Total Funds (%)

Nowadays with banking crisis news doing rounds, we would want to invest with a safe bank, Right !!! What if we get to know of the earnings percentage of the Read More

Working Capital Cycle

Working Capital cycle is an important ratio which tells us how many times in a year is a company able to churn its inventory to make goods and generate cash Read More


Difference between Gross NPA and Net NPA.

Since the last two years if any issue is plaguing the entire banking sector that is the NPA (Non-performing Asset) issue. Almost all Indian banks whether PSU or private or Read More

Advances Growth(%)

Advances Growth is not about what we get as an advance from our work-place or what we pay online as advances for our goods purchased!!! Then what are Advances? Advances Read More