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Difference between Gross NPA and Net NPA.

Since the last two years if any issue is plaguing the entire banking sector that is the NPA (Non-performing Asset) issue. Almost all Indian banks whether PSU or private or Read More

Advances Growth(%)

Advances Growth is not about what we get as an advance from our work-place or what we pay online as advances for our goods purchased!!! Then what are Advances? Advances Read More

Credit to deposit

Credit to Deposit (%)

Who would not want a loan from the banks and that too if they come at low-interest rates. But hold on, do you realize, where do the banks get money from Read More

Operating Income growth

Operating Income Growth(%) Ratio for Banks

A companies’ operation means its major business area. Operating Income is the amount of profit realized from a business’s operation. It is a measure of companies’ profitability that tells us Read More

Book Value per share

Book Value Per Share

Book value is the value of the company’s assets which can be received by the shareholders after paying off the debtors and preference holders in the event of liquidation. Thus Read More

debt to equity ratio

Should you invest in a company with high Debt to equity Ratio

Every investor’s investment decision majorly looks for companies which have low debt in their books, as such companies normally stand out in adverse macro scenarios.  This ratio indicates whether the Read More

interest coverage ratio

What is Interest Coverage Ratio

Solvency ratio is one of the ratios which are used to measure the company’s ability to meet its loan or debt obligations. This ratio indicates how well the company has Read More

current ratio

Why should you use Current Ratio?

Solvency ratio is used to analyze the company’s financial position. It measures the potential of the company regarding its ability to service its debts. It indicates to what extent the Read More

cash flow per share

Why you should track Cash Flow per Share

The cash flow statement is one of the three most important financial statements while we analyze the fundamentals of the company. In order to study the cash flow statement, we Read More

fcf per share

What is Free Cash Flow

When we study the fundamentals of the company then cash flow statement is an important statement to analyze. Cash flow statement tells us if the company is able to generate Read More