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Overview of StockEdge

Why you should use StockEdge App!

Well, there are 100’s of Share market app’s available in the market. So the first question that you must be having is why should you download yet another. StockEdge has Read More

stockedge club

Become a StockEdge Club Member, Become an Independent trader!

You must be very excited to see the heading as Club and may be wondering what a club has to do with a Financial App like StockEdge Right! Well, we Read More

Ideentifying trading and investing opportunities

Are you making profits from StockEdge by using the Scans?

In today’s fast moving and Tech savvy world “Time is money”. To pick right stock from 5000+ listed shares at the right time requires a lot of time and skills. There Read More


Profitability Ratios

Profitability ratio is used by the investor to measure and evaluate a company’s ability to generate income relative to its associated expenses during a particular period. The profitability ratios are Read More

Get Ready made trading/investment strategy

There are many ways one can select a stock for trading or investing. Some may use purely technical criteria; some may mix derivative and fundamental criteria along with technical analysis Read More

Ready Watchlists

Ready Watchlists What better than to have a ready reckoner stock impacted by any government policy!!!.  We have ready to view themes pertaining to financial schemes lauded by the government. Read More

Learning on the go with StockEdge!

Making money in stock market is not as easy as it seems. We often get carried away by names of investors who have become billionaires, without knowing the effort behind Read More

Ready Investor Groups

Hello Friends Let us understand one of our most interesting feature Ready Investor Group and how it can be useful for the users to track the portfolios of well-known investors Read More

Daily Trading

Daily Trading Strategy through Stockedge

Everyone wants to make money from the stock market but do not have time to go through the lengthy process of research and stock selection. Students want to make pocket Read More

differences between values

Understand the difference b/w Face Value, Book Value and Market Value

We often come across terms like Face Value, Book Value and Market Value in finance. Many really get confused while others consider all the three terms to be same. So Read More